Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mari Kalkun Tallinn Music Weekil: "A highlight"

Muusikaajakirja Mojo taustaga kirjamees Kieron Tyler avaldas UK online kultuuriväljaandes The Arts Desk ülevaate Tallinn Music Weekil nähtust-kuuldust, kus üks enim tähelepanu pälvinud artiste on Mari Kalkun ja tema bänd. Ja seda mitte kehvas valguses:
"The biggest impact came from Mari Kalkun, who issued her second album late last year. Her sonic drift sits in the same world as Nico and Bridget St John. Melody was not the point, atmosphere was. Sat with a zither or an accordion, she explained her songs are about the wind, the elements. Also singing in rounds, the audience soon joined in – this was Estonia, the singing nation, coming alive. From the southern edge of Estonia, Kalkun’s lyrics are inspired by mid-20th-century poetry celebrating the landscape and people. The interplay with her violinist and Danny Thompson-ish stand-up bassist was semi-improvised and psychedelic, but never far from structure. A highlight."
Kogu artiklit saad lugeda siit.

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